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Sagar Jaybhay | Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

Software Developer

Sagar Jaybhay is a Senior Software Developer at Ibrain Decision Software based out of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India. He has been working in software development and web development for over seven years. Sagar prides himself on his ability to work as a team player and as an individual.

Sagar Jaybhay Senior Software Developer from Ahmednagar.

Sagar is a graduate of Savitribai Phule Pune University, which was known as just Pune University when he was a graduate. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from this University in the year 2006. Savitribai Phule Pune University has grown and changed since its establishment in February of 1949. It was first known as Poona University and has since changed its name twice. The university has created a program that is very in depth with the goal to prepare every student to work professionally in computer science and have the ability to solve whatever problem is thrown at them. He became an expert in many aspects related to web and software development.

After completing his degree, Sagar Jaybhay began working in software and web development. He has gained professional experience working in front and backend development. Most of his work is done with Microsoft technologies which primarily uses C# for web development. He is proficient in technologies such as Angular, ReactJS , MVC ,web API, WCF, C#, MySQL, sql server, OrientDB, Telerik reporting, Html, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, and WordPress.

Sagar Jaybhay really enjoys learning and believes that, especially in the computer science industry, it is important to continue to grow and educate yourself on new advancements. Learning and teaching are things that go hand in hand. If you don’t continue to educate yourself, you won’t be able to properly teach others on the most important things that they would need to know. Sagar Jaybhay ensures that he is constantly up-to-date on how the industry is evolving and changing.

Since developing a wide skill set, Sagar Jaybhay has created multiple different online courses that teach numerous web and software development technologies and techniques. Sagar’s goal is to provide students with resources, support, and technology that allows the student to learn through experience that will eventually help them enter into a career in software development. He prides himself on his work ethic as well as his ability and success in teaching.

His specialties include C#, scripting languages, databases, and artificial intelligence. He has over seven years of experience in C# and databases. Sagar Jaybhay has also been educating himself over the last three years in artificial intelligence (AI). The base language used in AI is Python, of which Sagar has some prior experience. To further his knowledge around AI, Sagar Jaybhay has been learning more about TensorFlow and keras.

Sagar Jaybhay Teacher in Maharashtra

Sagar Jaybhay offers multiple resources for people who want to learn web and software development. Sagar provides learning resources for students that does not have the required commitment that comes with enrolling in university. Sagar has created blogs about different topics that offer tips and tricks on various programming languages. He has also created numerous video tutorials and guidelines on his YouTube channel for people to freely view and learn from. Sagar Jaybhay is continuously creating and updating content that is available on his sites and his video platforms. Aside from his free resources, Sagar Jaybhay created courses on various programming languages for those looking to expand their knowledge in a flexible manner. The courses that he has designed are offered at a low cost. His goal is to make learning about computer science as easy and accessible as possible.

Outside of software development, Sagar enjoys swimming and playing cricket in his free time. He is also constantly learning, reading, and blogging about new technologies that are growing in popularity. Another passion of Sagar Jaybhay’s is stock trading and the stock market. He is very interested in how the stock market works and how to become involved in stock trading. Sagar has begun to learn more about this industry in his free time. He hopes to one day be educated enough to begin trading stocks on his own.

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